Fuel Cell System Customization Development

Provide customized integrated development services ffuel cell stacks with different output and types. Matching of air subsystem, hydrogen subsystem, thermal management subsystem and control system according to the characteristic parameters of stacks. Owing domestic advanced fuel cell testing center,  which can perform stack bench testing, the conpany can offer system integration testing and other services. Customer can have complete stack test evaluation and integration analysis, as well as a full set of relevant test reports, and assisting in the completion of third-party testing.

Custom Development of Fuel Cell Stack

The company provide customized stack development services according to system requirements. The match reactor section number and reaction area according to power level. Optimize stack efficiency based on the application scenarios. Offering one-piece or side-plate stack case package design. Support stack with best operation conditions for every work point. The company equipped with mature stack and conponents verfication system as well as production quality management system.

Fuel Cell Test Equipment Develop

Provide customized equipment development and consulting services according to customer requirements regarding test bench for fuel cell system, fuel cell stack, stack activation, air compressor, hydrogen recirculation system, and a series of fuel cell related test equipment.

Fuel Cell Vehicle Powertrain Integration

Based on the application needs of different vehicle types, the company provides a full set of engineering services, such as vehicle power calculation, powertrain selection and matching, vehicle control strategy development, and vehicle testing and verification. At the same time, it can provide auxiliary services for the fuel cell vehicles admission application.